is an Online-to-Offline (O2O) e-commerce exclusively for Japanese brands based in Singapore. We provide the latest news, online information, online discounts, promotions and loyalty rewards that you are most likely enjoy!


About J Passport:

Jpassport is the leading local platform which connects users with exclusive Japanese services and premium products. It bridges the gap between Japan-related businesses and locals, providing a truly authentic, Japanese experience for lovers of Japanese culture, services and products. 


The media platform also has overseas operations in both Vietnam and Thailand, where it is equally well-received.




How is J Passport is different? 


J Passport offers a Merchant-focused Customer Relationship Management (CRM) scheme: 


  • Support Merchant, not Supplier

    • J Passport’s operations are not directly controlled by suppliers

    • Decrease risk of Merchants being left hanging due to circumstances of suppliers


  • Marketing collaterals are Merchant-centric, not focused on advertising
    J Passport

    • POP items are brand-focused, with content customization decided
      by client


  • Allow client access to backend function

    • Access to user transaction database

    • Can generate Merchant Reports for analysis

  • Targeted marketing, not Mass marketing

    • Increases chances of user engagement and eventual transaction


  • Access to users of other brands using J Passport platform

    • Re-channelling of other users from J Passport Universal platform to client