How you can get digital stamps from outlet?

Step 1
Visit the brand page and choose the Stamp Icon. Step 2 Choose stamp icon to collect stamp. Step 3 User will enter the Total spending Amount. Step 4 Outlet Staff or Cashier need to verify the amount using Digital Stamp Devices shown below. Step 5 If Merchant does not have Stamp devices, they can use the Merchant Pin Code to verify the transactions as show. ( All outlet will be given a 4 Digit Pin code ). Final Step User will get a summary of how much stamps they have in the brand.

How you can get points from our Merchants?

Step 1 Visit the brand page and click on the [ Get Points ] Icon. Step 2 User need to enter the total spending amount Step 3 Outlet Staff need to verify the amount by Stamp device Step 4 If outlet staff does not have stamp device, they can use the given merchant pin code ( 4 Digi Code ) to validate the transactions. Final Step User will get their Brand & J Passport Points summary after outlet staff validate the transactions.

How can you can redeem coupon?

Step 1 Click on the [ Coupon ] and choose the selected coupon. Step 2 Choose the outlet. Step 3 User will be reminded that they are given 5 min to redeem the coupon after pressing the
[ Redeem ] Button Step 4 User need to show below display to outlet staff within 5min counting. Outlet Staff need to press [ Done ] to complete the redemption process. Final Step
User will recieved a " Redeem Success " Notification.

How you can redeem members tiers rewards?

Step 1 Click on the [ Member Tiers ] icon on the brand page. Step 2 Press on the [ Press to redeem button ] on the member tiers card Final Step Press on [ Redeem Button ] to redeem.