Other Solutions

Digital Advertising Solutions







Increase views to your brand page with our digital advertising banners and "Featured News" space.


Top Banner




$250 / day





$1000 / week


$2000 / month






Mass eDM Blast (Exclusive)


( On-boarding Price )





( One-time)

"Featured News" Space on Top Page


$150 / day



$950 / week



$2000 / month

Survey Setup


$700 / day

to Setup


Editorial Services






Our media platform is the perfect space to showcase and feature your brand content to a wider audience.


Commissioned Posts



$3000 / day





$4500 / week


Advertorials are a blend of an editorial and an advertisement. It is a more indirect type of promotion / advertising, in which the article revolves around the promoted product or event.



$500 / week






( Without Writing)
( Additional $1500 with Writing)





$2000 / month




( Additional $1500 with Writing)




( Without Writing)

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are a more direct type of promotion / advertising.
It is usually used for product and event advertising.






Creative Solutions








We offer a range of design services to suit your business needs.









Print Design




$100 / man-hour



(minimum 2 hours)




Website Design



$50* / man-hour



( Minimum $1500 )
Pricing does not reflect the inclusion
   of back-end development