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As the leading platform for Japanese-related content, we can help you reach out to your desired target audience.


We have two basic packages which can help build customer relations and help to add value to your business.

On-Boarding Package









Plan A 

With Customer Loyalty Points System / Digital Stamp Solution

  • Loyalty Point System  (Includes Members Tier)

  • Digital Stamp Solution

  • Content Management  (News, Coupon, Rewards, Survey, Outlet Information)

  • News eDM  (1 blast/month)

  • In-store POP design  (Not including Printing cost)

  • User Transaction Report  (Real-time)


$800 / month


Point Transaction Fee*


Stamp Device Fee**

( 6-month Contract )


* Point Transaction Fee: 3% ( first $200 Point                 Transaction fee will be offset ) 
** Stamp Device Fee (One-time): $200

Plan B 

Without Customer Loyalty Points System / Digital Stamp Solution

  • Content management  (News, Coupon, Rewards, Survey, Outlet Information, News eDM) 

  • News eDM  (1 blast/Month)

  • In-store POP design  (Not including Printing Cost) 

  • User Transaction Report  (Real-time)



$1000 / month

( 6-month Contract )



Digital Advertising Solutions








Increase views to your brand page with our digital advertising banners and "Featured News" space.


Top Banner




$250 / day






$1000 / week



$2000 / month



"Featured News" Space on Top Page


$150 / day




$950 / week




$2000 / month

Featured Banner (

$150 / day




$900 / week



$1800 / month





Mass eDM Blast (Exclusive)


( On-boarding Price )





( One-time)

Survey Setup



$700 / day

to Setup




Customize your plan further.

Editorial Services







Our media platform,,  is the perfect space to showcase and feature your brand content to a wider audience.​


Commissioned Posts




$3000 / day






$4500 / week


Advertorials are a blend of an editorial and an advertisement. It is a more indirect type of promotion / advertising, in which the article revolves around the promoted product or event.




$500 / week






( Without Writing)
( Additional $1500 with Writing)






$2000 / month




( Additional $1500 with Writing)




( Without Writing)

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are a more direct type of promotion / advertising.
It is usually used for product and event advertising.







Creative Solutions









We offer a range of design services to suit your business needs.










Print Design





$100 / man-hour



(minimum 2 hours)





Website Design




$50* / man-hour



( Minimum $1500 )
Pricing does not reflect the inclusion
   of back-end development