3 Japan Travel Destinations That Will Satisfy Your Ramen Desire

Ramen is undoubtedly one of the best international dishes around, making it convenient for travellers to source for the best ramen when they are in Japan.

It is well-known that the heart-warming noodle dish came from Hokkaido, where plenty of amazing views and astounding sightseeing spots abound. Better yet, the northmost island can satisfy the ramen cravings of adventurous, hungry visitors.

But, where are the most delicious, popular ramen in Hokkaido? Here are three destinations which are a must-visit for anyone who wants to have a taste of the most best ramen of their lives.

1. Asahikawa

The city of Asahikawa in Hokkaido is famous for its unique ramen taste. Their ramen mostly uses shoyu (soya sauce) based broths. Visitors can find many ramen shops selling shoyu based ramen.

More often than not, the ramen in Asahikawa is quite oily with a thin layer of oil on top of the soup. As for the noodles, the local ramen is generally hard in texture, and thin and wavy in size and shape. The range of available toppings include common ingredients such as pork, eggs, green onions and bamboo shoots.

Travellers who are spending only a short time in Asahikawa will be glad to find the Asahikawa Ramen Village. This place is basically eight popular ramen restaurants in one location!

Foodies will be spoilt for choice between Baikoken, Kobo Kato Ramen, Ishida, Ittetsu-an Matsuda, Ramen Aoba, Santoka, Saijo, and Tenkin at Asahikawa Ramen Village. It is normal to be unable to pick a favourite; people who go there usually eat more than one bowl of ramen. Expect various ramen dishes with unique taste!

P.S. Asahikawa Ramen Village can get quite crowded during peak hours. People all over Japan love to come by and try their delicious ramen. There’s also a gift shop for foreign tourists!


2. Hakodate

Hakodate is another place people eagerly flock to for its well-loved ramen. Here, the ramen is known for its salt based broth. Thus, travellers can expect to eat salty ramen with traditional Hokkaido flavour.

As the soup is a lightly salted flavour,  travellers will be surprised that Hakodate’s ramen often adds kelp or seafood to the standard pork or chicken. Such ingredients  enhance the ramen’s taste. It is easy to fall in love with such flavorsome ramen!

Travelling to Hakodate isn’t cheap. Established over 80 years ago, one of the known nationally acclaimed Hakodate’s Ramen Brand, Ajisai, can be found in Singapore.

AJISAI’s most recommended dish is the ‘Shio Ramen’. Using pork, chicken, and natural rock salt on a base of kelp produced in southern Hokkaido, this soup is clear with no bitter taste and is even popular among women. It also tastes excellent with the shop owner’s special made-to-order straight noodles or with juicy roast pork on top of the noodles.

Flavourful broths and tender cha shu — a taste of Japan in a bowl.  You can taste it now at Hokkaido Marche Singapore!

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3. Sapporo

It’s probably the place in Hokkaido many people are familiar with. Many people around the world visit Sapporo for its authentic Japanese ramen. Miso based broth is famous in Sapporo’s ramen.

The rich miso ramen was first invented in 1955. Thanks to the Sapporo ramen legend, Morito Omiyo, who is the founder of Aji no Sanpei. The dish is the perfect food for Hokkaido’s snowy winters. Visitors can enjoy the dish with a broad variety of toppings, such as butter, bean sprouts, sweet corn, garlic, pork, squid, crab and scallop.

There’s a big reason to visit Hokkaido now. Wait, are you already craving for Hokkaido’s ramen? No need to go far. Simply pay a visit to Hokkaido Marche. It is a food hall where you can enjoy a variety of authentic Hokkaido dishes in Orchard Road. It houses the mouthwatering ramen from Asahikawa, Hakodate and Sapporo!

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