4 Reasons Why Plush Premium Sushi Restaurants are Worth the Price

There are many great restaurants in Singapore. From what we have heard, there are around 30 Michelin-starred restaurants here. Interestingly, almost 10 of them are actually Japanese restaurants. Thus, Singapore has world class Japanese food, but some say it’s only for those who have deep pockets.

Indeed, premium sushi restaurant’s price is steep, yet sushi lovers don’t mind. The long waits and the empty wallets are worth it, they said.

Here are four reasons why you should try to eat at premium sushi restaurants, too:

1. The whole experience

We eat on daily basis. Some of us might not really enjoy it. Eating on our office desk while finishing our task, for example. But eating at these kind of restaurants are different.

We spend one to two hours to enjoy several set of meals. We have skilful chef cooking for us (or even right in front of us). There are also ways of eating that might be new for us.

Here are several interesting things at the premium sushi restaurant:

  • No need to put wasabi into your soy sauce by yourself. Most of the time, we put too much wasabi anyway. Just let the sushi chef put the proper amount of wasabi for the fish in nigiri.

  • It’s not a quick meal, so don’t rush a meal or a chef. Literally, it’s the place to enjoy sushi. Watch the chef making your meal, talk and interact with them.

  • Eat with your fingers. Chopsticks are not forbidden, but you are not going to appreciate the texture or the temperature if you don’t use your hands.

  • Although you can make a special request, do not order something common. No need to double-check whether the fish is fresh or not, of course it is! Let the chef offers what’s special at the day you are visiting. (P.S. normally there’s no menu at the premium sushi restaurant)

2. The food

At the premium sushi restaurants, the least you could get is top quality ingredients with distinct flavours. Not only the quality of fish, but also the quality of rice since “sushi” actually means “vinegared rice”!

Surely, there is a difference between top tier and an ordinary sushi place. The fish are straight from Japan’s fish market. The variety of fish might surprise you as well. For instance, salmon is not considered as premium ingredient for sushi.

3. The sanity

Not underestimating the regular sushi place, we can expect true sanity in premium sushi restaurants. We can witness the chef cook, plate and wipe down constantly. No need to worry about food poisoning here!

4. The chef’s skills

Last but not least, it’s the chef who makes a difference. Hence, restaurants with two or three Michelin stars are based on the talent and personality of the chef. The chef elevates cooking into an art form. And you, as the customer, can have sushi with superior taste.

Truly great sushi depends on the chef. Sushi chefs behind the counter are the one who can serve exceptional food. From portioning out exact amounts of sushi rice for a single nigiri to the precise slicing of the fish, you can be amazed by the chef’s constant motion. Just like they are making some art.

Wondering where to get premium sushi in Singapore? Sushi Mieda is an option. The price starts from $100+ (quite reasonable for impeccable food and service).

Set of sushi at Sushi Mieda


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