5 Weird Things You Will Find When You're in Japan

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Nothing compares to Japan. We all know that the country is unique and exceptional at the same time. But, there are things in Japan that could make us frown or shaking our heads. Here are five weird things you will only see in Japan:

1. Super short escalator

Can you believe that “The World’s Shortest Escalator” is in Japan? It’s certified in Guinness Book of World Records, too. The mini conveyor is only 33 inches high, which is about five steps.

The tiny escalator is not so easy to find, though. It is located in the basement of the unassuming More’s Department store in the city of Kawasaki. Here’s the address in case you want to experience it: 210-0007 Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki, Kawasaki Ward, Ekimae Honcho, 7−1.

2. Bizarre items on vending machine

You can find vending machines everywhere in Japan, even at the top of Mount Fuji. But it doesn’t stop there. Rather than regular vending machines which sell foods and beverages, Japan’s vending machines provide bizarre contents.

Indeed, they have a wide selection of foods and beverages. From sushi socks, canned carrots, crepes, to fresh eggs. From hot coffee, to beer and sake. We can have a complete meal from vending machines there.

Yet, they also sell umbrellas, batteries, surgical masks, condoms and… underwear. So it’s just remarkable how Japanese play their vending machines game.

3. Capsule hotel

Arguably one of the craziest Japanese invention ever.  There’s the world smallest hotel called Bay Hotel. It was started in 1979 for customers in need, such as traveling businessmen or drunken people who wouldn’t go home safely.

Surprisingly, the capsule hotel has gotten much stronger in recent years. There are a few more branches with better quality and much modern decoration.

4. ‘Private’ ramen restaurant

Being single or loner doesn’t mean you can’t go to eat out, especially in Japan. There is Ichiran Ramen, a restaurant in Shibuya, that is perfect for introverted and individualist people. You can enjoy tasty ramen in your own little booth. Some say it’s not recommended for people with claustrophobia.

5. The washlets

The super toilets from Japan has elaborate functions. It's cool, and we even mentioned it before in this blog. Yet, it's kind of weird and many foreigners got panic/funny experiences because of it.

Of course, there are more unusual things in Japan that you may find. And those are the reasons we are eager to visit it again and again.

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