6 Signs The Japanese Restaurant You're Visiting is Not The Authentic One

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Sushi is such a popular dish, even considered as an international food since we can find sushi restaurant elsewhere apart from Japan. However, it’s obvious that some restaurants are just trying to copy the hype.

As sushi lover, we have to understand which one is the real authentic Japanese restaurant and which one is the fake one. It’s real deal, people. One restaurant could give you heavenly food, while another one could be a nightmare.

Here are 10 signs of unconvincing sushi restaurants you might be visiting recently:

1. It smells fishy

Sushi is all about fresh fish, right? We all know that fresh fish isn’t really smelly. Thus, if you’re in a “sushi” restaurant with rather disgusting smell, just run away. There’s a chance the restaurant is not being cleaned properly as well.

2. The display is messy

The real authentic Japanese restaurant places the display case very neatly. Should you find a “sushi” restaurant looks sloppy, better eat something else.

3. Crab stick is one of their best menu

Remember that the main ingredients of sushi are fish and rice. An authentic sushi restaurant focus on both ingredients. If you see crab sticks are the restaurant’s main attraction, it’s a fake sushi restaurant.

4. The display case doesn’t look cold enough

In order to keep sushi fresh, a sushi display case should keep them at around 35 degrees. Should you find the temperature of the case wrong, which means higher than that, better go to other restaurants.

5. Too many mayo sauces

Sushi fans would know how to eat sushi in the right way. Japanese don’t eat sushi with mayonnaise, right? But fake sushi restaurants often provide many mayo sauces to please customers who doesn’t like real Japanese taste. In fact, sushi is not about the sauces, unlike other foods we often eat.

6. Too many sushi innovation

Innovation is commonly good, especially in technology. But we’re talking about sushi here. More and more restaurants create plenty of sushi fusion with around 50 choices of roll. They even add odd ingredients, such as caviar and cheese. Well, one thing for certain, don’t go there if you want to taste real authentic sushi.

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