6 Things to Do during Japanese Summer

Summer is almost here! It’s the season where everything seems fun. Things are no different in Japan. There are so many exuberant activities to do during the summer.

Here are six things Japanese do during the summer:


Who doesn’t love going to the beach in a sunny day? Japan has plenty of beautiful beaches that may surprise you. You can visit beaches in Shikoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa. If you’re only traveling to Tokyo, there are some beaches near the city, such as Odaiba beach and Shirahama beach. We can soak up the sand, surfing, play water sports, and building sand castles there.

Apart from that, Japanese have another fun thing to do: “Suikawari” or watermelon splitting. It’s a tradition game in Japan, whose players must split a watermelon with a stick while blindfolded. This beach game not only seen in the beach, but also other summer events from picnics to festivals.

2. Japanese festivals (Matsuri)

As mentioned before, Japanese arrange annual events during the summer. They call it “Matsuri”, meaning Japanese festivals. There are music festival, dance festival, depends on what town you are visiting. Also, there are Tanabata festival in July and Bon festival which takes three days to celebrate.

To enjoy a Matsuri, we can walk around and take a look at everything. Also, we can socialize with others while playing booth games. There’s a game that might only popular in Japan named “Kingyo Sukui”.

The game let us to do goldfish scooping. We pay for a flat net made of paper, and try to scoop up a goldfish into a bowl. It’s not that easy, because the net will dissolve and break if you put it in the water for too long or you put too much power when using it. If you win, you can take the goldfish home.

3. Shaved ice dessert (Kakigoori)

When you see Kakigoori everywhere in Japan, you are convinced that it’s summer time! This is a dessert that serve shaved ice flavoured with syrup and a sweetener, such as condensed milk. There are so many flavours available. From fruits like grape and melon, to green tea and colourless syrup.

Kakigoori usually is not only using one syrup, but two or more syrups. It makes them to be colourful and tempting. Condensed or evaporated milk often poured on top of it, so you can enjoy sweet Kakigoori.

This refreshing dessert has smooth, fluffy ice. Possibly one of the best summer features in Japan. You can buy it in festivals, convenience stores, and even restaurants. Some of them add ice cream and red beans to make it harder to resist.

4. Fireworks (Hanabi)

What is Summer without fireworks??! Japanese fireworks are more spectacular than any other countries. Their fireworks are very colourful, long lasting (some lasts for hours!!) and bigger! They even mix it with popular characters, such as Hello Kitty and Doraemon, in the burning flammables. No wonder, Japanese people are mostly excited about Hanabi.

5. Flowing cold noodles (Nagashi somen)

It’s a thing you should in if you’re in Japan during summer season. You are most likely can’t experience it anywhere else. Thus, try to do it at least once in your life!

Nagashi somen means the flowing noodle.  Basically, somen are white and thin noodles made from wheat flour. Japanese eat this cold, and dipped in cold broth. The dish is a perfect summer meal.

Moreover, Japanese find a way to make it even cooler. Nothing to do with the temperature, though. The word “nagashi” means “to flow”. Nagashi somen is a way of serving somen in flowing cold water from sliced bamboo. It’s conventional and unique at the same time!

To eat nagashi somen, you have to catch using chopsticks as it flows past you. Somen can surprisingly travel very fast on the bamboo slide. Then, dip the somen into cold dipping sauce before eating. Bet you never imagined to eat something like this!

6. Homestyle boat (Yakatabune)

Japanese love to take tour boat during hot summer, since the riverside has cooler air and amazing view. Yakatabune itself is a traditional boat which provides home-like environment.

Image credit: http://lovesjapan.blogspot.sg/2013/10/yakata-bune-gracious-cruising.html

People can enjoy Yakatabune tour boats to get real Japanese experience! There’s a restaurant inside the boat, so we can eat fresh seafood. Sightseeing is undeniably so much fun when you are having Yakatabune tour. Hence, if you’re going at night, you can view fireworks, too.

So we’ve shown you 6 things you can do during Japan’s Summer, if you happen to be in Japan this season, do try out the activities above! Enjoy Summer in Japan like a Japanese! XD

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