7 Kinds of Japanese Tea That Everybody Loves

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Tea is one drink that many of us love. Some people drink tea probably every single day of their life. For tea lovers, Japanese tea must have a special place in their heart. That's because Japanese tea is both delicious and healthy.

Little did we know, Japanese tea is not only green tea or matcha. Japan actually has a number of teas which offer distinct flavours. Not to mention the health benefits of Japanese tea, we should be getting to know more about it!

Here are only seven of many Japanese tea that you should try:

Ryokucha ( Green Tea )

It's the Japanese green tea that we all know and love. Ryokucha is the word in Japanese for green tea. It's made from tea leaves, which are not fermented like black tea. The tea leaves are processed immediately after they are harvested. Thus, the leaf retains much tannin, while they are still green. Japanese often simply call them ocha (tea) or nihoncha (Japanese tea). Many variations of tea use this tea as the ingredient.


Matcha is actually green tea, too, but it's made from shaded plants. The tea leaves are larger, finer, and has more chlorophyll. No wonder, matcha tea has bright green colour. The flavour is bitter, but still have a bit of sweet taste.

Matcha is easily found in many Japanese confectioneries and desserts. It's also used for Japanese tea ceremony. It has different grades, but the highest premium grades are usually being used at the tea ceremony.


The Japanese standard tea made from tea plants grown in full sun. This popular kind of the has a darker colour and more astringent flavour. Sencha usually produced from the first or second flushes of tea leaves and steam-pressed. Unsweetened iced Sencha, although it's bitter, is most widely consumed across Japan.


No, it's not the sweetened and fermented tea that we knew. Japan has kombucha, which is Japanese kelp tea. The tea is made from powdered and dried Kombu (an edible kelp that commonly used in Japanese cuisine).


This tea is made from two ingredients: green tea and roasted brown rice. At first, it was made as the cheapest variety of tea. The rice was only a filler for those who can't buy pure tea.

It might sounds weird, but the roasted rice actually give a nutty flavour that reduces the bitterness of green tea. The unique grassy flavour and the roasted aroma are the reason that make this tea special.


Recently, this tea became very popular in Japan. It's believed to have anti-aging benefits for those who drink it often. Gobocha is made from roasted shavings of gobo root (burdock). Gobo itself is a type of root vegetable that often found in Japanese dishes. It gives an earthy flavour which is similar to mushroom broth. You must try this tea to find out the exceptional taste!

Sakura tea

Sakura is like the symbol of Japan, and it's also can be an excellent addition to a cup of tea. Sakura leaves combined with Sencha can turn to be something called Sakura tea. It's often enjoyed during Spring season.

Which one is your favourite Japanese tea of all?

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