Are YOU eating sashimi the RIGHT and SAFE way?

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Some of us have a fearful mindset when it comes to sashimi, all those unnerving cases of parasitic worms found in one's stomach etc. Surprisingly, many across the world are still crazy about sashimi. Regardless of how dangerous consuming these raw fish pieces could be, it is difficult to lie to ourselves about their unforgettable taste. You know it yourselves!

In Singapore, you can be more chilled regarding the safety of your sashimi since Singapore's Agri-food and Vegetarian Authority (AVA) takes up stringent procedures to ensure the food's safety and standard. Apart from that, of course it also boils down to the restaurant's responsibilities to ensure that the sashimi they serve is as fresh as it can be. And worm-less. Many restaurants get their fish from farms which are much safer than those caught from the sea. Also, the fish is deep freeze at -25 to -30 degrees celsius for at least 15 hours before they appear on your table.

However, we as individuals can also go the extra mile to buy your gut (not insurance) a worm-free guarantee in these fast and easy steps.

1. Choose your sashimi place carefully !

This is without a doubt the most important step you can do for youself and/or your loved ones. You should do some research and read reviews to source out the credible restaurants. I would recommend to you IKURA Japanese. Ikura is an Izakaya that specialises in yakitori (check out my other review!) as well as their sashimi.

Their 3 Kind Sashimi ($28) consist of 3 pieces each of raw Tuna, Salmon and Yellow tail, all in which was served on a large green leaf. The dish's presentation is pretty with a petite chrysanthemum in the middle and wasabi and sliced radish on the side. IKURA Japanese is recommended by many hence it's easy to place your trust in them for their sashimi!

2. Spot the little disgustings !

Consider it a skill, you can always take extra precaution by staring at your raw fish pieces before gulping them down but how? First thing first, know what you're spotting for. These worms are small, thread-like and in a variety of colours such as white, pink, red or brown. They will also be wriggling slowly and that is not difficult to spot especially when sashimi is thinly-sliced. Still skeptical yet willing to take the risk for the taste? You can bring along your torchlight and magnifying glass for help maybe!

OR you can patronise IKURA Japanese for that! I have been lab-rat, test and tasted their sashimi and I would happily tell you that their sashimi is very fresh! I almost thought I was biting into the fish caught directly from the sea. This can only tell so much about the safety procedures that they have taken to store and prepare the sashimi before serving. The slices are really soft as well, with salmon being the softest and tuna being the less soft among the 3. The salmon tasted more towards the sweet side while the others are more of savoury!


The Japanese culture sure have many etiquttes and eating sashimi is not an exception. To eat sashimi the correct way, follow these 4 steps:

1. Pick up the sashimi with your chopstick and place it on your own plate.

2. Take some wasabi with your chopstick and put it on to your sashimi.

3. Pick up the sashimi and lightly dip the part without the wasabi into the soy sauce

*Note that the wasabi must not come in contact with the soy sauce*

4. Put the sashimi into your mouth and savour the taste!

IKURA Japanese has the reputation of not only serving fresh food, their food are really tasty as well so do visit one of their branches soon!

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