Autumn Season Just Got Started in Japan, Which Place Should You Go?

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Are you planning to go to Japan in the near future? Don't miss out on the beautiful fall colours in this autumn season. It is a popular pastime for residents of Japan. In Japan, the viewing of colorful fall leaves is known as “koyo” or “momiji-gari”.

Although the word “gari” in Momiji-gari actually means “picking”, we don’t have to really go picking for autumn leaves. Japanese people usually visit the mountains or fields to enjoy and see the beautiful leaves. Hiking in autumn season is quite popular activity in Japan.

There are so many of deciduous, beautiful trees that give you delightful views. As the weather cools, red maples, Japanese maples, and other deciduous trees ablaze with shades of red, orange, and yellow. If the leaves already fallen, then you will enjoy the leaves covering the ground just like a carpet.

The autumn season started already in mid September in the highest mountains of Hokkaido. But don’t worry, it just started to gradually moves into southern latitudes and lower elevations. The autumn colours will likely reach Tokyo and Kyoto in the second half of November. Even in some locations, it can be enjoyed in early December!

Here are the best time to see the autumn leaves:

  • Hokkaido (Obihiro): Mid-October

  • Hokkaido (Sapporo): Late October

  • Miyagi/Sendai: Mid-November

  • Hiroshima: Mid-November

  • Kanazawa: Late November

  • Tokyo: Late November

  • Nagoya: Late November

  • Fukuoka: Late November

  • Kyoto/Osaka: Early December

So, in this month, you can look at the fall colours while in Hokkaido. People visiting Hokkaido will be glad because of Momiji in tons of deciduous trees found in the designated national parks, mountain slopes, along the river banks, and streets that provide delightful views of vibrant shades.

In Hokkaido, you can explore Shiretoko Peninsula’s five lakes (Shiretoko Goko Lakes) and Sounkyo to see gorgeous fall colours including wild animals and beautiful waterfalls. If you only have a short time in, then visiting Hokkaido University Gingko Tree Avenue, Nakajima Park, and Jozankei Onsen. Those place are like heaven on earth, even though you don’t go far from the city.

So, when will you book a flight to Hokkaido? It’s time to unwind and do koyo!

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