Can't Decide What to Eat? Then “Omakase” is Good for You

Going out for lunch or dinner with your family or friends? It sounds nice! But, sometimes it takes a lot of time to discuss where and what to eat. There’s a simple solution: let the chef choose the meal for you.

“Omakase” in Japanese means “I’ll leave it up to you”. Ordering “Omakase” in Japanese restaurant will let the chef to select the meal for you. Basically, you want the chef choosing what to order. It’s also quite useful for people who don’t understand much about Japanese cuisine.

Of course, the chef at Japanese restaurant knows more about exceptional dining experience. They will serve you with a series of plates. Starting with light dishes to heavier meals. Not only raw fish and rice, but also serving other meals with different cooking techniques, such as grilling and frying.

You can expect surprising selection of dishes by ordering Omakase. Often, the chef is being creative and artsy in preparing your meal. It’s a good gamble, especially for you who keeps ordering same thing over and over again. Yet picky eater can skip this, in order to appreciate the chef’s efforts.

Omakase let you more likely to get quality food than a la carte meal. Obviously, you are having the best meal that the restaurant could offer. Unusual yet intriguing dining experience is also why you should order Omakase. You will be sitting near the chef, and hear his presentation about the food he’s serving. Thus, there’s more social interaction with the chef which possibly makes your lunch or dinner more memorable.

As you are more and more interested to try Omakase-style, you might be hesitant because of its price. Omakase meal, especially in Singapore, is rather expensive. There are many widely-acclaimed chefs came straight from Japan to here. So you might think twice to actually order Omakase at a Japanese restaurant which is serving Omakase.

Luckily, we heard that there is a special price of Omakase at Kanda Wadatsumi. Normally, the restaurant offers lunch Omakase course at $88, but now they also have lunch Omakase set at only $38. It might be hard to find affordable Omakase these days, right? So don’t miss out, because it’s limited to only 20 pax per day!

Kanda Wadatsumi

50 Tras Street Singapore 078989 +65 62216264 Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm Dinner: 6pm to 11pm Close for Saturday lunch (from 1 March 2018), Sunday and Public Holidays

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