How Expensive is Japan REALLY? Or is it all just a Myth?

We believe that J Passport supporters would love to visit Japan one day if you guys haven't already.

A visit to a beautiful country with rich culture definitely sounds sweet. Sadly, we have all heard about Japan's high cost of living and many of your friends and kin have told you about how expensive spending your holidays in Japan can be, which is why you haven't gotten that stamp in your passport yet.

Well, in comparison to other Asian countries, Japan is obviously more expensive. In fact, Tokyo is in the world's top ten most expensive cities list. But still, Tokyo is cheaper than New York or London. It makes sense, because Tokyo is a major city that is highly populated. Perils of living in such a city, simply renting an apartment can cost a fortune. Thankfully, other locations in Japan are not that prohibitively expensive.

Let's point out how expensive Japan is:


Central Tokyo land is one of the most expensive land in the world. Luckily, outside of Central Tokyo, Japan's housing costs are much lower, especially in the suburbs and other regions.

If you're planning to stay in Tokyo for a holiday with limited budget, you can spend a night in a hostel where you will be sleeping in a dorm bed. Capsule hotel is another option if you want to sleep in private.


Food is surprisingly not expensive at all. It's easy to find cheap food in Japan, even restaurants which are on the fancier option is easy for you to find something low cost on the menu as well. The cost of eating out is affordable since there are many budget restaurants that you can choose from when they are having special offers.

Try to eat in a cheap ramen restaurant nearby. They serve delicious ramen. Plus, there is no tipping obligations because Japan consider it to be a rude behaviour.

Groceries and shopping

You may have heard that fruits are rather expensive in Japan. You will have to go for In-season fruits if you're saving up!

Also, it's way cheaper to buy fruits and vegetables at the local markets than at the supermarkets. However, supermarket sells tinned foods, dairy, fish and meat at reasonable price. Discount offers will also appear before the local supermarkets close in the evening.

Japan also has plenty of convenient stores, such as 7-eleven and Family Mart that sell inexpensive ready-to-eat foods and items.


Transportation in Japan will definitely be costly since domestic flights and ferries are really pricey to board. Owning a car also costs a fortune due to the mandatory insurance, tax and parking fees.

However, foreigner tourists can buy prepaid Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) to travel around. Local buses are another option if you want to travel to small rural areas.

After reading the points mentioned above, you surely can plan a more wallet-friendly trip to Japan in the future. Really, we can outsmart the “expensive Japan” because cheaper options do exist!

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