How Kazoku Founder Build the Perfect Japanese Family Friendly Restaurant

For people with little kids, the restaurant they're visiting must be family-friendly. There are high chairs available, and it's better to be a spacious and comfortable restaurant with good temperature. Also, with more stomach to feed, we obviously expect cheap meals.

Luckily, there's a restaurant that fulfilled all of the expectations. Mr. Tan Zhong Wei, founder of Kazoku Japanese Cuisine, has made the perfect family restaurant for Japanese lovers like us.

Kazoku itself means “Family” in Japanese. Mr. Tan Zhong Wei said, “I treat customers like family.”

Many of Kazoku’s regular customers have good relationship with the owner and staffs. They also have the friendliest sushi chef who has more than seven years of experience under his belt.

Although the restaurant offers premium Japanese food, they give us affordable prices. As Mr. Tan Zhong Wei mentioned, “Pricing is one of a few challenges I encounter. I tried to find the value for money that fits the customer's bill.”

The restaurant is working hard to bring the tastiest cuisine made with the freshest ingredients. Their fresh sushi and sashimi are too good to be true. Moreover, the whole family can enjoy Japanese dishes without having to dine in at overpriced restaurants.

“I have done some trials and errors to suit the customer's taste,” admit Mr. Tan Zhong Wei. With some experience in Japanese cuisine, he's brave enough to be more creative in selling foods. There will be always improvement for the dishes at Kazoku.

Kazoku's most favourite menu is sirloin steak with complimentary salmon. In the future, they would like to add more variation of dishes. Although the restaurant has cozy environment already, they still have plan for more future upgrades. They expect customers will get better dining experience. We will be patiently waiting for second branch in Singapore, too!

On entrepreneurship, Mr. Tan Zhong Wei has a few tips for fellow entrepreneurs. “Just work hard. Do your best. Keep learning and improve everyday. And work with your heart,” said the man who wears glasses.

At the moment, they have a promotion for JPassport users. Those are 1-for-1 Sapporo bottle beer for only $11.90 during 11AM to 7PM.  Kirin is also available at $10.90. Make sure you don't miss out this promotion! And don't forget to bring your whole family to dine in here.

Outlet Information Kazoku Japanese Cuisine

1 Goldhill Plaza #01-05 Singapore 308899

Tel: +65 9687 3782 Mon to Sat: 12pm – 10pm



Enjoy 1-FOR-1 Sapporo Beer (Bottle)! (U.P $11.90)

Enjoy 1-FOR-1 Sapporo Beer (Bottle)! (U.P $11.90)

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