It's 11th April, It's Singapore Ramen Day!

Today is a great day to celebrate ramen culture by eating this Japanese “soul food”. As a prominent influencer of Japanese culture in Singapore, we at JPassport initiates 11th April as Singapore Ramen Day!

Why is it on 11th April?

We think the number “11” is easily seen as chopsticks. Thus, this day has a legitimate excuse to eat your favourite ramen. April, in fact, is also a special month in Japanese. Many tourists love to go to Japan now, in order to see Sakura season.

April is also the start of academic and financial year in Japan. It’s symbolise new beginnings, just like us who begin this day as a new special day!

What ramen should we eat in Singapore?

Well, did you know that there are so many kinds of ramen? You can learn about the cult of ramen in Asia from our previous article.

Remember, each type of ramen consists of their own special noodles, soup and toppings. From Tonkotsu ramen with pork, to butter corn ramen from Hokkaido.

Apparently, Japanese found the formula to serve this famous dish in their own way. Have you tried all of the ramen based on regional varieties? Ranging from Tokyo ramen, to Sapporo ramen.

We don’t need to be physically present in Japan to eat ramen. We can taste traditional Japanese cuisine in Singapore, since many Japanese brand opened their branches here. Just check out our website or app to find out which restaurants have interesting deals!

Slurping ramen tonight might be possible now.

Happy Singapore Ramen Day from all of us at JPassport!

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