Tengawa's Volcano Ramen: An active one that erupts one's taste-buds ?!?!

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Talk about spicy in Singapore! As if Singapore's weather isn't already hot enough 90% of the time, many will still crave for that extra spice on their tongue for meals.

Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry 天川北海道ホワイトカレー , a humble japanese restaurant located at Millenial Walk offers Volcano Ramen with Iberiko Pork from Spain ($13.80).

Yes! Definitely does not taste like the mundane chashu served in every other ramen store.

Healthy sherlocks, deep breaths. The Iberiko Pork served is ... LOW FAT !!! Meaning they are slim cuts, no loose fats for you to swallow down sinfully and pretending they ain't arteries-clogging on your precious once a week cheat day. Other than that, the pork is chewy and springy just like the ramen. The tamago ,on the other hand, contrasts gently with its soft texture.

CHOTTO MATTE, so what's the verdict on the broth? Does it erupt your tongue like the volcano?! Well, after mixing in the "chili sauce" with the white curry broth in the volcano indeed, it looks like you'll be downing some lava and spitting fire like Mushu from Mulan the next moment you open your mouth.

BUT relax ! It's really not as deadly as it seems. On a scale of 1 to 10 for spicy level, I will give it a 6.

So yeap it's only mildly spicy WHICH is a good thing because you should be happily indulging in the overall flavour of the Volcano ramen with that extra hotness rather than having your tastebuds submerged in a tsunami of spiciness.

Points to take note, the broth might be a tad bit oily for some of you but in general it has a balanced texture and umami. Not too diluted nor too thick and totally flavourful. Tengawa's Volcano Spicy Iberiko Pork Ramen is a thumbs-up.

Talk about value for money, you should definitely get the set ($19.80) which comes with truffle chawanmushi and clam soup. The chawanmushi is hands down, the best I have ever had. Soft steamed egg custard with very tongue-pleasing truffle taste. The clam soup is served with a savoury taste with clams and strips of beancurd puffs. Totally a must try if you're bored of the ordinary miso soup.

Still skeptical on taking up the spicy challenge? Try out their 0-4 degrees celsius aged Iberiko Katsu ($16.80)

Other than that, squeeze out some space in your stomach for their sesame ice-cream.

It's a hint ! ;)

By: @_shixuanxuan

Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry 天川北海道ホワイトカレー

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