Japan's Recent Trend: Fish Broth Ramen, Would You Try It?

Hands down, ramen is extremely popular in Japan. The dish is also a favourite in many more countries in Asia. With so many ramen variations, we just can’t resist them.

Although ramen has many varieties that feature its local cuisine, ramen is generally use pork as the main ingredient. The pork bone is the key to serve tasty soup which we love, and the pork can be the star when it’s used as the topping for our ramen.

However, there’s always an urge to innovate and eventually produce something new. We may have tasted chicken broth ramen (which isn’t bad), but recently new ramen shops in Japan serve ramen with fish-based broth.

The fishy ramen is surprisingly steal the show at the moment. The ramen broths are made from either sohda (frigate tuna) flakes, dried katsuo (skipjack tuna), dried whole iwashi (sardines), dried ago (flying fish), or dried aji (horse mackerel). It can use just one, or a combination of any of them.

Still not sure about this kind of ramen? Well, Japanese people rave about fish broth ramen at Ramen Nagi. The store is a popular franchise in Tokyo that serve arguably the best fish broth ramen in Japan. There are long queues to get in there, and some people who don’t like seafood even like the fishy ramen!

Should you visit Ramen Nagi, there’s a favourite menu called “Sugoi Niboshi Soup”. The dish use 20 kinds of dried fish to make its broth. Japanese people actually often use dried sardines to make the soup, but this ramen shop takes it to the next level by using as many as 20 kinds of dried fishes!

What’s the result? The authentic fish broth ramen has a rich and strong taste. We now have another option to eat ramen with a new kind of broth, which is also delicious and natural. Of course, we can still have pork or chicken as the broth or the topping. Yet, some say the fishy tasting might overpowering those other ingredients.

Thus, if you want to try the fish broth ramen, you can go all the way by picking only fish broth and seafood toppings, such as fish cake or shrimp.

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