Adopting The Japanese Diet; A Tip for A Long and Healthy Life

Ever wondered why Japanese are known for having long lifespan? Some say, “You are what you eat!”. And that's exactly what happened to these Japanese people.

One of the key factors of Japanese peoples' long life is their traditional diet. Their diet consists of fresh and unprocessed seafood. Not to mention that they also eat in smaller portion sizes. It is no wonder that Japan also have the lowest rate of obesity.

Here's how to eat like a Japanese:

1. Substitute meat with fish

Seems like Japanese people eat fish more often than people from any other countries. Almost 10 percent of the world's fish is consumed by the Japanese although they actually make up only 2 percent of the world's population.

Thus, it's time to eat more fish just like the Japanese people. Salmon and tuna definitely leads to a healthy heart and mind than your usual meat.

2. Eat fresh and home-cooked meal

It's quite normal for Japanese people to not eat out. Japanese women more or less are able to do simple home cooking. A typical home-cooked meal consists of steamed rice with grilled fish, simmered vegetables and a bowl of hot miso soup. At the end of the meal, they will also indulge in green tea and sliced fresh fruit.

3. Hara Hachi Bu

It’s Okinawan mantra to eat until you are 80% percent full. Small portions served in several bowl (rice, soup, fish) is definitely a healthy and good diet. Japanese people even impart this practice to the children from a young age. This is why most of the Japanese people you know are very likely to have slim figures.

4. Eat a variety of food

Japan has many kinds of seafood and vegetables available. So, it's easy for them to eat up to 30 different food daily! It's most likely that only Japan has gone so far in food varieties. This eating habit is absolutely for your health, since your body won't be okay if you're overeating one kind of food from time to time.

5. Fermented foods are good for your health

Most Japanese people consume around 50 grams of soy per day. They consume miso soup, soy sauce, tofu, edamame, and natto beans every single day. Good news is, soy contains isoflavonoids plant hormones to block cancer-promoting ability. Thus, Japanese women have very low rates of contracting breast cancer and Japanese men also have low rates of contracting prostate cancer.

By following these five rules for your diet, you're more likely to be healthy and enjoy a longer life just like the Japanese people.

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