Miyakejima: A Bizarre Island in Japan That is Actually OK to Visit

Looking for a really Ulu location for your real getaway or even the idea of scaling the Himalayas sounds boring to you now cause its becoming a cliche? The Izu Islands of Japan might be unusual and not heard of but fear not, they will still appear in the search engines so yes this can be your next adventure.

The Izu Islands are a a group of volcanic islands that spans from the east to the south of the Izu pennisula of Honshu, Tokyo. Mount Oyama in Miyakejima island, a part of the Izu Islands has erupted 6 times in the last century.

Since the volcanic activity is frequent, no doubt there are misinformation on the internet regarding the location. Some said Miyakejima is totally off limits because its one of the most dangerous place on Earth. Others said the place looked like a post-apocalypse mayhem with everyone roaming the lands in creepy gas masks which also happens to be the top selling item in their souvenir shops.

Of course these information is too bizarre to be accurate. In 2000, Mount Oyama erupted. The release of harmful gases forced the evacuation of the inhabitants. Approximately 42,000 tons of sulphur dioxide contaminated the island per day at that time. The sulphur dioxide levels on Miyakejima island back then were considered dangerous with the threat to continue rising.

However, in February 2005, Japanese people who previously lived there were allowed to return. The sulphur dioxide levels were deemed safe enough but they were required to carry gas masks in case of future volcanic emissions. A good respiratory health is also required for people who still want to go there.

Despite knowing the bad image of Miyakejima Island, its still worth a visit to the Izu Islands and it's only an hour flight from Tokyo. Miyakejima island is an underrated scenic island that will surprise you. No, we don't need to constantly wear gas masks there, although you're not advised to climb Mount Oyama.

Still, Miyakejima island offers alternative destination to enjoy deeply rooted Japanese-culture. It has beautiful scenery that is vastly different from Tokyo. You can go trekking or exploring the island by cycling and enjoying black sand beaches. Scuba Diving there is said to be the best experience especially since you might be in the company of dolphins!

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