Now We Can Consume Japan's Wonder Food “Kurozu” Daily in Singapore!

The world must agree that people in Japan are generally healthy. Most of them have long lifespans, as well as ideal weights. There must be the secret of it, right?

Maybe it’s basically because Japanese people see “healthy” is the way of life. They follow the instructions from the previous generation which are proven to create healthy life. That includes consuming the wonder food called “Kurozu”, which is Japanese black vinegar.

The traditional wonder food has been perfected since the Edo period (1800s). It’s good for health and beauty. Kurozu is rich in amino acids, and contains many vitamins as well as minerals.

Obviously, it has dark caramel brown colour, made from brown rice fermentation. Kurozu is made by using a traditional process just like the people in the Edo era. First, we put the brown rice and other ingredients in a pot (or Aman jars). They are placed in open fields to be exposed to the elements. The fermentation process can take one to ten years!

How’s the result? Kurozu is known for its subtle and earthy taste with nuanced aroma. While vinegar is often described as sour, Kurozu’s taste may vary depends on how long their fermentation process are. For example, Kurozu which is aged for three years has mellow taste and aromatic sweetness. Thus, it can be mixed together with other food and beverages.

Just like what Kakuida, the place which create delicious food and beverages with the value of traditional kurozu. Not only tasty, the foods and beverages there also give us the benefits of Kurozu. From relieves stress, breaks down fat, to stabilises blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

Kakuida is possibly the best place in Singapore to enjoy Kurozu. They serve organic fruits (Kurozu infused), Kurozu doughnuts, Kurozu smoothie, Kurozu lemon tea and even Kurozu ice cream. Let’s experience the goodness of Kurozu through delicious foods and beverages!


12 Gopeng Street #01-23, Icon Village, Singapore 078877

Tel: +65 6260 1801 Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 8AM – 7.30PM Saturdays: 8AM – 5PM Closed on: Sundays, Public Holidays

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