French Kissing with a ... Cow ... ?!?!?!!!!!

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

In fairy tales if you kiss a frog he might just turn into a charming oji-sama (prince) and make you a princess overnight. Thankful to Sandaime Bunji for the media collaboration, I went there happily fantasizing on the possibilties of me becoming Singapore's Kate Middleton after i french kiss with their cow only that he didn't turn into a prince )':

Maybe because the cow that i "french kissed" has already been charred to a really satisfying shade of brown and has been nicely cut up into slices of delicious-looking Gyutan!

(Gyutan Set: 5 pc- $19, 8 pc- $26.70) Yes, Gyutan is Beef tongue so i basically chewed, savoured and swallowed down a Cow's tongue XDD. I'm pretty sure most of you are like ?!! EWWWWW-ing right now but hey the Gyutan is actually a favourite and recommended among many Japanese and beef lovers out there not kidding!

Disclaimer, i have never ever agreed to eat/try the pig's liver, brain or whatever that our Asian mums would be telling us that it's good for our body. So yes this is my first time in life trying out an animal's organ. I was actually 30% excited 70% nervous to take my first bite.

I took a bite and was really surprised by the taste! It actually tasted like the festives Bak Kwa and yet is really succulent as well. It must be because of the charring method used to prepare the Gyutan, giving it's surface texture to taste like a cross between roasted and barbercued.

I actually have to chew a slice for quite a number of times before it's small enough for me to swallow. I guess this is just the french kissing experience yea? This might not be recommended for children or the elderly since a bit more effort for chewing is required. Furthermore, it may actually get pretty scary knowing you're chewing on someone else's tongue. Thus, not for the faint hearted!

Beef lovers usually would've tried out different cuts such as sirloin and tenderloin for instance. But has anyone had the courage to try out the Gyutan yet?! I actually mustered up my courage to try this and it was definitely a worthy experience! (Both the courage and taste aspect). Beef lovers, i'm pretty sure this one's for you. For those that eat beef but ain't enthusiasts, go take up this challenge at Sandaime Bunji as well! Who knows you might just become the next prince/princess with that one "french kiss" (;

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Review by: @_shixuanxuan

Sandaime Bunji

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