Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Super thankful to Sandaime Bunji once again for giving J Passport and I the opportunity to try out their Wagyu Round Roast Beef Set ($19.90) which consisted of the beef rice, Ox tail soup, tofu and salad.

The delicate beef slices were stacked up into a majestic tower with each and every pieces so elegantly wound around each other. Behind this intricate creation, it could only be explained by the heart and soul that the chef has put in to ensure the exquisite pose of each and every pieces of the beef in that tower.

If the heart eyes emoji was real, you guys would have seen it all over my dreamy face while i admired the alluring creation. Yes i am a beef lover and so when i am presented with THAT much beef slices, my reaction should only be forgiven XD. As premium as wagyu beef might sound, let me just remind you guys that it is THAT much beef for only $19.90 and it comes in a set some more! Really can't think of anything to lose.

The beef slices' texture were just nice, not too thick nor too thin. Also, due to coal-roasting the slices were a shade of dark brown on the sides with a pinkish-red in the middle. By the sight of it, many might fear that it's too raw to be consumed. But don't worry that's not the case at all!

They actually tasted somewhere between medium-rare to medium. The beef slices exploded in a distinct charred and roasted flavour on my tongue and they tasted so soft yet succulent. The more I chew, the more i savoured. The sonata of flavours in my mouth left nothing less than a delighted smile on me. For those that prefer it to be less raw or are sharing it with children or the elderly are advised to request for the beef slices to stay longer on the charcoal fire but not too long or else the over-doness might just ruin the dish!

The gyu don comes with an onsen egg which yolk mixes well with the rice and enhances the satisfaction of eating the beef slices with the rice. The Oxtail soup has a clear and light taste while the cold tofu is soft and gentle to the palate. The salad on the other hand is actually Kimchi which tasted just as good as the original. Despite it's Korean origin, many Japanese set uses kimchi as a side. These sides support the main star with their drastic contrast in taste.

So much goodness for only $19.90, a total catch! It has definitely been an enjoyable dining experience for me so i'm pretty sure it wouldn't be anything less for you guys either.

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Review by: @_shixuanxuan

Sandaime Bunji

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