Shime-Parfait: Food Culture from Hokkaido where People Eat Parfait after Drinking

What is the standard way to end the night? Japanese usually eat their most favourite dish, ramen, after drinking at night. However, Japanese who lives in Sapporo, Hokkaido, created a new food culture in 2015.

People in Hokkaido now eat parfait after drinking, which called “Shime-Parfait”. It’s gradually spreading as a substitute of ramen since the summer of 2015. “Shime” means “to tighten” in Japanese, while “parfait” is a frozen dessert from France which meaning is “perfect” in French.

Originally, France’s parfait is made by egg, boiling cream, sugar and syrup. It has a custard-like puree. While there’s another type of parfait that includes more ingredients, such as nuts, granola and yogurt. This is the American version of parfait with fruit toppings and whipped cream in a tall glass. Japanese tend to adopt the latter version.

In Japan, the parfait is made from local materials and fresh milk. An enjoyable dessert to eat after the dinner or drinking. Thus, there are places in Hokkaido that provide parfaits after midnight. People there already had habits to enjoy cold sweet dessert at the end of the day.

Lucky for us, we can follow this mouthwatering food culture in Singapore. Yamazaki Japanese Restaurant and Bar will start the Shime-Parfait hype tomorrow, May 25. They serve three different parfaits that looks so refreshing. It’s absolutely a perfect way to enjoy the upcoming weekend!

Yamazaki Japanese Restaurant & Bar

1 Fullerton Road 01-05

Singapore 049213

+65 6423 1555

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