Slurpping Sapporo in Singapore

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

No need to go to Hokkaido to get a taste of Sapporo anymore. You can do it now at Shirakaba Sansou 白樺山荘 in Hokkaido Marche Singapore!

Started off with the dreams to open a ramen stall amongst the snowy landscapes of Hokkaido, this ramen stall is bornt. First located in Sapporo Ramen Yokocho whereby Yokocho means alley in Japanese, Shirakaba Sansou 白樺山荘 now have business in Hakodate, Tokyo, Fukuoka and Kyoto as well! Ehhh sugoii!

J Passport had the chance to bring the Japanese Cultural Club students from NUS and NTU for media tasting in collaboration with Hokkaido Marche and hence, got to try out

" A Legendary Miso Ramen " (Lunch time - $12, Usual - $13) the nickname given to this stall's signature bowl, their Miso Ramen.

Most of us are familiar with tonkotsu broth ramen and miso... is just a soup served when we order don set. So, a ramen with miso soup base. Naniiii?!?!

Featuring Shirakaba Sansou 白樺山荘 's "A Legendary Miso Ramen" . Visuals wise it is not insta-worthy or like how we describe it in Singapore, "Looks mehhh only". However, don't let the looks fool you for the key is ultimately the taste.

The first thing that caught my attention in this bowl was the noodles. The ramen that i have always been slurping were a beige white and almost straight but these noodles were yellow and wavy! One mouthful of it and i'm immediately in love. They are really springy and satisfying to chew on. Like what we call it, QQ! Definitely slurp-worthy.

The soup is thick and robust with balanced flavours towards the savoury side. The head chef at the stall in Hokkaido Marche, Fukuda-san, explained that the greatest challenge of creating a bowl of ramen is the soup. As each bowl is not an exact replica of the one created before, he will have to carefully balance the quantity of ingredients placed in just to maintain the balanced flavours of the soup.

The ramen bowl is topped with an Ajitsuke Tamago (onsen egg) as well as Chasu cubes, Menma (Bamboo shoots) and Nori (Seaweed). In a ramen, the toppings play an important role in contributing to the overall taste. Gooey, chewy, crunchy and soft is what describes the toppings respectively.

Fukuda-san also treated us to complimentary gyozas! Slightly crispy on the outside yet so soft and juicy when you bite down. Oishi!

Overall the ramen is unique and unlike the mundane tonkotsu ramen served in most Japanese restaurants. If you are tired of pork broth, it means that its time to try out Sapporo's style- Miso ramen!

By: @_shixuanxuan

Shirakaba Sansou 白樺山荘

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