That Cheesy & Halal Japanese Snack That Actually Exists in Singapore!!!

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

We can all agree in unison that Takoyaki is a delicious Japanese snack. Apart from that, it fills up your hungry stomach between meals with good nutritions. Usually, we can find Takoyakis in Japanese restaurants which are served on their menus. However, it's rather unconventional and embarrassing to walk into a big restaurant only to order Takoyaki when you are craving for some.

A blessing for all of us, we have Yummy Takoyaki here in Singapore. The owner, Suryanie Ismail, created this home-based business in 2014. Initially, she enjoyed preparing and making this flour-based snack when she was pregnant. She did not make the balls to satisfy her own food cravings but for her cravings to cook. She would make countless takoyakis everyday, so much so that she would have to give them away to her family and friends.

Her Takoyakis soon gained popularity. Thanks to the word of mouth by her supportive family and friends, Yanie (The founder's known business name) soon finds herself having to handle numerous orders for her yummy creations. Now, she is able to sell more than 2,000 Takoyaki balls in a single day.

Yummy Takoyaki's customers can enjoy the traditional Japanese snack that is shaped in balls and filled up with minced octopus. However, Yanie strayed from "traditional" and incorporated modern tastes into her art works. Her menu's biggest hit is the “Cheese Banjir Dingdong" which is Yummy Takoyaki's first and best-selling flavour.

There are other unique flavours as well, such as Chilli Tuna, Chuka Idako, Sotong Gedebab, Tako Tella, and Wasabi for customers who wants to taste something new.

You can also choose your choice of fillings: Octopus (the traditional), prawn, crab, hotdog, and mushroom. A box of 5 Takoyaki balls costs $4, and a box of 10 costs $8. While premium flavours, such as the Cheese Banjir Dingdong, are sold at $15 for 10 balls. They also have platters that caters to birthday and corporate events, ranging from $28 to $44.

[Review by @_shixuanxuan]

Super super SUPER Thankful to Yummy Takoyaki for the invitation for media tasting, i got to uncover my favourite Takoyaki store in Singapore now!

Being a truthful chinese (no offence intended), many of us have this impression that the halal version of any food would not taste as good. But hey, I was legitimately shook and impressed by Yanie's Takoyakis when i took my first mouthful. Takoyakis' exterior were delicately made by love to a golden brown "almost fried" texture. The batter of the balls were really soft with generous chewy fillings.

In comparison to Singapore's leading takoyaki brand - WOW Tako, I genuinely prefer Yummy Takoyaki mainly because of the generous fillings as compared to WOW Tako's which is 10% filling and 90% batter. Not to forget, Yummy takoyaki's balls are much larger in size as well! HUMONGOUS I would say.

My favourite is no doubt the Cheese Banjir Dingdong! The cheese is so sinfully gooey and super satisfying. I tried the balls with 5 fillings ($4) without the sauce and with the cheese. The cheese choice is definitely a must, RECOMMENDED! NO. JOKE.

Weeks later and i'm still craving for Yummy Takoyakis. It's a pity that I totally live on the other side of Singapore if not i would be patronising again soon with you guys to try out their Tako Tella (Nutella Takos) and their Chilli Tunas for sweet tooths and fiery tongues like me!

Yummy Takoyaki

430 Upper Changi Rd #01-03, East Village Singapore 487048

Tel: +65 9337 9195

Mon: Closed Tue, Thu to Sun: 2pm – 8pm Wed: 2pm – 6pm

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