The One-of-a-kind Snack Meal from Japanese Brand Loved by Singaporeans

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

We can now easily find Japanese brands in Singapore. Little that we know, they actually put their efforts to match your taste. For instance, some Japanese F&B businesses are innovating the menu in order to suit the Singaporean’s preference.

Take DOCO for example. This shop in Central Business District basically sells donburi (rice bowl) and coconut soft serve. Now, DOCO also offers a new menu, fish skin snack, that can easily be the difference between regular donburi and their donburi.

When we eat DOCO’s donburi with crispy fried fish skin, there will be special taste and texture. Really, the sweet and tender meat combined with the salty and crunchy fish skin are a match made in heaven! You can’t resist the delicious flavours from just one spoon of their Donburi.

This kind of innovation is needed when Japanese F&B brands opened a branch in Singapore. In Japan, it’s common for a food stall to sell only one menu (and people could still lining up for it). However, things are different in Singapore where business should add new menu, so people won’t get bored and have several options to buy.

Recently, DOCO also sells the fried fish skin snack, named Fish Sh-nack. The “sh” derived from the word “Shiok”, which means customer can experience sheer happiness and pleasure. The snack is easily loved by Singaporeans, since we love fried and crispy foods.

The Fish Sh-nack is available in four flavours. Those flavours are original, salted egg, chilli crab and tom yum. There’s also homemade east-west condiments that will give you extra joy during your snacking time.

Don’t worry, the Fish Sh-nack has low calorie so everyone can try! You can purchase the one-of-a-kind snack at DOCO as well. It’s a trendy snack you can have on-the-go!

DOCO International Plaza

10 Anson Road #01-16

Singapore 079903

Near Tanjong Pagar MRT Station, Exit C

Opening Hours:

11am – 8pm (Mon – Fri),

Closed Sat – Sun

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