Things You Need to Know about Maguro

Sushi has been such an international dish. People around the world are familiar with it and even Western people love sushi so much! What's your favourite sushi? No matter what it is, bet it tastes very delicious!

Popular sushi often include tuna in it. It's like everybody ever choose tuna roll from the menu at least once in our life. Well, don't blame them. Tuna made tasty sushi. Yes, tuna sushi is one of the best dish for authentic Japanese experience!

Tuna means “maguro” in Japanese. Did you know that approximately 80% of Maguro catch is used for sushi? This species is almost threatened, that's why it gets more and more expensive. Let's get to know more about this fish.

Japanese restaurants generally served two kinds of tuna: the bluefin tuna (which is “maguro”) and the yellowfin tuna (known as “ahi” in Japanese). More often than not, you will eat the fairly lean “maguro” in the restaurant. Even though Ahi is more fatty, it's harder to catch on the sea.

Based on Maguro fat content, there are three parts of its body:


This is the normal tuna you most likely eat. It's the red, leaner meat. Here's a secret, you will get Akami if you're ordering any kind of tuna roll or sushi without requesting “Toro" (which we will explain below).


The fattiest portion of tuna. You might want to avoid fat, but this is too good to pass! It has strong Umami taste and literally melt in your mouth. However, it's quite expensive if you want to try.


Not as fatty as Ootoro, but it has medium fat. It's a good choice if you don't want to eat as many fat as eating Ootoro.

Now, imagine yourself eating Maguro. The tuna looks like a slice of steak! You put it in your mouth, and you taste the delicious fresh fish


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