Top 5 Japan Urban Horror Legends that Will Scare You to Death

We often watch vampires, werewolves and zombies appearance in Western movies. But the quirky Japan is not short of mystique characters, too. They even have some kind of ghosts in their ancient tales, which have scared Japanese for ages.

Japan has several prominent horror legends that might be scarier than vampires or zombies. We are waiting for them to make on international big screens. Here are top five Urban Horror Legends that popular in Japan:

1.The slit-mouthed woman

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Imagine you are walking alone at night, and then there’s a woman with a mask on her face asking, “Am I pretty?”. This situation alone is kind of creepy. And it will be worse if it’s turn out Kuchisake-onna, the slit-mouthed woman from Japanese folklore.

The slit-mouthed woman will bring you to your nightmare in a lose-lose situation, if you meet her. If you answer yes to the “Am I pretty?” question, she will show her mutilated mouth that makes her mouth so wide. She will ask the same question again after that. If you scream or still say yes, she will slash your mouth so you will look like her.

If you answer no from the beginning, some say she will leave you at first. But, you will be murdered by her later at night. Some say you can throw candy or money at her, in order to distract her so you can run away.

The slit-mouthed woman has been around since 1600s. She became an evil spirit because she was the victim of a cruel husband, who allegedly mutilated her before killing her. That’s why some say she prefers men as her victims.

2. Kappa

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Kappa is Japanese legend who lives in rivers and lakes. They are imps, but looks like salamander. Kappa also have a small pool of water suspended on top of their head.

Not only they have weird appearance, Kappa is also dangerous. They will try to lure people, especially children, to water and then pull them in. The story of Kappa have been used to warn children, so they are scared to come near rivers and lakes.

3. Hanako-san (little girl ghost in the toilet)

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Hanako-san is a famous ghost that haunts school bathrooms. She is the spirit of a young girl, who allegedly killed in an air raid during World War. You will see blood-stained hand print in the bathroom where Hanako-san is there.

The legend says that you can go into the third stall on the third floor then knock three times and ask, “Are you there, Hanako-san?”. She will respond by saying, “I’m here!”. If you hear her reply and still dare to enter the bathroom, you will meet a little girl in a red skirt. Some say it could be the biggest mistake of your life, because you will be eaten by three-headed lizard pretending to be Hanako-san.

4. Teke teke

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Another scary woman that haunts you in Japan. Teke teke is the ghost of a young woman who was pushed onto a railway line. She was cut in half by the oncoming train. To make you more terrifying, Teke teke ‘walks’ using her hands or elbow and carrying a scythe as well. Teke teke is the sound of her dragging upper torso.

What will happen if you meet her? You must run away as fast as you can, or she will slice you in half just like her (quite similar with the slit-mouthed woman).

In another story, there was a school boy saw a beautiful girl standing by a windowsill resting on her elbows. When she notices he’s looking at her, she jumps out of the window and landed in front of him. She reveals herself to be no more than an upper torso, and then cuts the boy in two. Super creepy, right?

5. Aka Manto (the Red Cape)

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This one is similar with Hanako-san, because it haunts school toilets as well. Aka Manto, or the Red Cape, is an evil spirit at public toilets. It will ask people in mysterious voice if they want red or blue toilet paper.

Aka Manto will slice the victim apart until their clothes are stained red, for those who answer red paper. Or, it will strangle the victim until his face turns blue, for those who answer. Asking for different colour will take you being dragged to the Netherworld. Luckily, if you decline to receive any kind of paper, he will depart.

What’s the story about Aka Manto? He described as a good looking man, but hounded constantly by admirers. This is why he wears a mask to hide his face, or his appearance won’t reveal his face.

That’s it. Which urban horror legend that scares you the most?

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