Which One's the Best: Red or Black or White Curry Ramen?

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Curry ramen has been with us for awhile. The combination of traditional Japanese ramen and curry spices are loved by many. As time goes by, there are more innovation for curry ramen. We can now have red curry ramen, black curry ramen, and white curry ramen.

The old-fashioned curry ramen is obviously the red one. Many of us just can’t resist a bowl of spicy red curry ramen. It’s delicious with the much-needed hot flavour.

While the red curry ramen is still around us, we witnessed a growing trend of “black” foods In recent years. For instance, there are black burger and black pizza. Inspired by the new trend, the black curry ramen is now available.

You might be wondering, how is that possible the ramen soup has deep dark colour? Of course, the soup still made from pork broth and chicken broth. Then, the dish has curry spices and squid ink to make it the soup totally black.

This innovation will make you craving for a new kind of ramen. The black curry ramen usually served with miso, a slice of pork, vegetables, a poached egg, and corn drizzled with balsamic vinegar. The dish has rich flavours that you probably never taste it before.

Last but not least, there’s the white curry ramen that is rather new, especially in Singapore’s food scene. So, what’s the deal with white curry ramen?

Basically, all Japanese-style curry ramen is not too thick like the usual curry dish. Even though they are using a lot of spices, the Japanese curry ramen won’t have gravy-like thickness. So it’s really enjoyable for most people.

However, the white curry ramen might be the most special, because it’s made with fresh milk. It has thicker broth, and it’s more creamy than other kinds of curry ramen. With spices like garlic, onions and shrimp paste, the dish is absolutely rich in flavours, too!

In conclusion, people who like heavy taste will find the white curry ramen as the best ramen of all. Not to mention that it’s more nutritious because of the fresh milk. It’s really worth the try!

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