Why People in Japan Love Karaoke So Much

Do you know that Japan is the birthplace of Karaoke? There's a story about how this started based on a night in Kobe.

A guitarist wasn't able to attend a gig in a local bar. In attempt to salvage the situation, the owner played his recordings to fill in for him. This unintentionally encouraged the bar’s guests to sing along with the songs from the recordings.

This triggered Japanese to create home karaoke but it wasn't an instant hit. Japanese homes back then were tight and insulated thus home karaoke was an unsupported activity.

Things changed when karaoke box came into existence in 1984. Okayama was the first initiator for karaoke box, which is a private room that allows just anyone to sing alone. Japanese people can sing as loud as they want without bothering their neighbors, all thanks to these karaoke boxes! One Japanese Karaoke box brand available in Singapore is Manekineko!

In general, Japanese people love karaoke a lot. It's common for working adults to sing in karaoke boxes after they knock off from work. Students would also spend their time at the Karaoke box to socialise and have fun with their friends.

There are also karaoke “clubs” that resemble hotels since they have plenty of private rooms for groups of people. Most of these places offer all-you-can-drink course, called “Nomihoudai” in Japanese. So, they can have fun while drinking alcohol after a long and tiring day at work. This is why karaoke is usually cheaper in the day but more expensive at night.

In the karaoke room, everyone can have fun from the video karaoke machine to the television and microphone. Tambourine and maracas can also be made use of to add on to the joyous vibes!

Eating and drinking in the karaoke room is definitely the thing to do. While waiting for your turn to sing, you can indulge in your delicious dinner. There are usually food and beverages deals available as well at the karaoke places. Customers can conveniently place their orders for their desired food and drinks just by using their phone apps or the remote controller in the room.

Karaoke is definitely one of the top activity for the Japanese who seeks entertainment. This activity is so popular that many Karaoke places have 4-12 floors. Other than that, some Japanese will even bring along their portable karaoke sets to sing at the Sakura-viewing festival as well.

Not everyone is good at singing, but karaoke in Japan can even bring out the wild side of anyone, even the shy and reserved!

If you're planning to go to Japan soon, you can try to experience the Japanese peoples' lifestyle by going to the karaoke at night. Karaoke places are very easy to find in entertainment neighborhoods of major cities, such as Tokyo and Osaka so there's no way you will miss it!

If not, don't fret! Get the Japanese karaoke experience at Manekineko here in Singapore. The Japanese Karaoke box brand has 10 outlets island-wide so it will definitely be convenient for anyone to sing!


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