Winter Snow Curry From Hokkaido

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Howaito kare (white curry) originates from Hokkaido. Is it inspired by the white blanket of snow that everyone think of when Hokkaido comes to mind? Cold and snowy with skii-ing as their top attraction!

As compared to the regular Japanese brown curry, the white curry is creamier in texture and richer in flavour because it is made using fresh Hokkaido milk and without tumeric.

In Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry 天川北海道ホワイトカレー , they are the pioneers in bringing White curry to the Singapore's food scene.

Katsu don has always been one of the favourites of many Japanese enthusiasts out there. So what needs to be checked off the list for one to jump out of his or her chair and shout "OISHI!?!!!

The fundamentals. The curry, meat and rice have to complement each other perfectly. Tengawa's 0 to 4 degrees celsius aged Iberiko katsu ($16.80) has the points all checked off the list!

The white curry is creamy and rich, which is satisfying for the palate and not overbearing in taste. Some thick cream might make you feel "jelat (sick of eating)" but none of that nonsense here with this! The curry will only make you crave for more and the smell is really good as well!

The katsus are no doubt, the "gold" in the dish. You know they are really crispy when they give you this "airy" taste when you bite down on the katsu. Tonkatsu served in many other specialised restaurants are often either too chunky or not bite-friendly or both. No worries here at Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry 天川北海道ホワイトカレー ! Curry not enough for the katsu? Leave it for the rice. Try eating the katsu with the in-house traditional sweet/sour plum sauce! 👍Not to exaggerate but this katsu don actually surpassed those from my favourite restaurants.

The winning factor might just have a reason to do with Tengawa's selfless aspiration - Their desire to serve each and every customer with love. In this dish, the highlight is actually their rice. The rice served in each order is painstakingly cooked pot by pot just in time instead of one shot cooking in bulk and stored in the rice container. This is why their rice are served hot, gentle and not too clammy.

Add on the truffle chawanmushi and clam soup (+$3) and i would assure you that you will be smiling your way out of the restaurant afterwards 😊.

The only downside for the dish is that the proportion is a little bit too little... or maybe because it's so good you just can't stop craving for more! But good news, the rice, curry and soup are free flow!

Sad that the curry ain't spicy enough for you? Try out their Volcano Spicy Iberiko Ramen!

By: @_shixuanxuan

Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry 天川北海道ホワイトカレー

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