Our Success Stories:

These are some of our success stories:


  •  Ginza Bairin 8th Anniversary - $8.80 Tonkatsu Promotion: 

    • Saw 1000 visits/day (1 outlet, Orchard)

  •  Santouka Day:

    • Saw 1600 bowls sold/day (2 outlets)

  •  Hokkaido Fair Survey (Official Government Survey):

    • Saw 4000 answers/3 weeks

  •  Aube Salon Opening Promo:

    • Saw 70 visits/month (1 outlet)

  • Ikkousha day

    • 700 bowls sold/day (All outlets)

Digital Stamp -

Results for Ramen Brand A


  • Results:

    • Usage of the digital stamp saw improvement in repeat stamp card user count per month and per day

    • Monthly repeat stamp card users were also maintained at a high percentage of users each month

    • Stamp usage count steadily increased over time, indicating its effectiveness of the loyalty program in attracting repeat customers

Universal Points and VIP system -

Case Study of F&B Brand E


  • Situation:

    • An F&B outlet which has 3 outlets in Singapore

    • Used Digital Stamp for 2 years

  • Problem:

    • Not able to capture data of customer unit price (spending amount) or when stamp activation occurs

    • Outlet in Orchard has less sales on Mondays-Tuesdays compared to outlets outside town area

  • Wants:

    • More detailed customer expenditure data

    • Increase Monday-Tuesday sales for the Orchard outlet





  • Solution:

    • Switched from Digital Stamp to Universal Points system

      • Ability to implement VIP system available

    • Implemented a 30% off bill discount for VIP holders

      • Only with expenditures at the Orchard Outlet on Mondays-Tuesdays


  • Results:

    • More customer expenditure data available

      • Point Activation sources, Number of Transactions, Coupon/Reward redemption data

    • Sales from Orchard Outlet increased by 1.5 times on Mondays

      • Customers attracted by VIP privileges, visited outlet more

      • VIP holders who used the 30% off discount tended to purchase higher-priced items